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Things to do in Alexandria

Situated on the wonderful Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria seamlessly combines history, culture, and natural beauty. This enchanting Egyptian city offers a multitude of activities and attractions that will captivate any traveler who wants to enjoy Egypt tours. At Next Holiday Travel, we warmly invite you to experience the charm of Alexandria and immerse yourself in its top-notch offerings.

Visit the Library of Alexandria

Alexandria Library

Explore the Library of Alexandria, No visit to Alexandria during Egypt day tours is complete without a trip to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a contemporary marvel that pays homage to the city's renowned historical library, one of the most famous in the ancient world. Serving as a cultural hub, the new library is home to millions of books, manuscripts, and multimedia resources.

Explore the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

Kom El Shoqafa Catacombs under the streets of Alexandria lies one of the world’s most ancient catacombs. This ancient necropolis combines Egyptian, Greek, and Roman influences. The catacombs are home to intricate carvings and burial chambers, as well as a spiral staircase that plunges into the past, plan to visit it among the historical sights in Egypt travel packages. It’s as if you’ve stepped back in time to a time when ancient syncretism flourished.

Marvel at Pompey's Pillar

Pompey’s Pillar is a red granite monolithic column that stands tall as a reminder of the city’s ancient history. The name “Pompey the Great” doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s a sight to behold, and the nearby Serapeum provides an insight into the ancient Greek culture of the city.

Stroll Along the Corniche

Things to do in Alexandria

Enjoy a stroll along the Alexandria Corniche A beautiful waterfront promenade stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, the Alexandria Corniche offers a breath of fresh air and stunning views of the calm waters. It’s the ideal place for a romantic evening stroll or a leisurely morning jog with your partner with your partner on Egypt honeymoon tours.

Explore the Citadel The Qaitbay Citadel

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, it is a powerful fortress that has protected the shores of Alexandria for centuries. The castle was built in the 15th century by Sultan Qaitbay and now houses the Alexandria Maritime Museum. Explore the historic lanes, climb the towers for stunning views, and learn about Alexandria's maritime past. Join our tour to Alexandria from Cairo.

Enjoy the Montaza Palace Gardens

Take a break from the hectic life of the city by visiting the lush gardens of Montaza Palace. This was once the summer home of Egyptian royalty and is surrounded by well-maintained lawns, royal architecture, and tranquil lakes that suit families, think about it in your Egypt family tours. It’s a peaceful oasis within the city’s bustling streets.

Alexandria National Museum

The Alexandria National Museum showcases Alexandria’s rich history and culture. The museum’s exhibits range from prehistoric to modern times, featuring artifacts, statues, and relics that illustrate the evolution of the ancient city.

Enjoy fresh Mediterranean seafood in Alexandria

Seafood meal in Alexandria

If you're looking for a seafood feast in Alexandria, you can't go wrong with a visit to one of the local seafood restaurants in Alexandria to try Egyptian food where you can enjoy the most delicious fish, shrimp, and calamari with the sea breeze and stunning views.

Explore the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre

The ancient Roman theater dates back to the second century AD and was rediscovered in the 21st century. A fascinating insight into the Roman history of Alexandria can be found on guided Egypt classic tours.

Explore Alexandria’s Beaches

Alexandria is home to some of the most stunning beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. From the famous Maamoura beach to the serene Sidi Abdel Rahman beach, you’ll find plenty of places to relax, sunbathe, swim, and take part in water sports during our Egypt luxury tours to Alexandria.

The Royal Jewelry Museum

Explore The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria is a hidden gem. It’s housed in a former palace and houses a collection of precious gems and jewelry that belonged to Egypt’s royal family. You’ll be amazed by the intricate craftsmanship and designs of these pieces of jewelry, it's a very special place to visit in Alexandria from Cairo, if you have time after exploring Cairo day tours head to Alexandria and spend a day there.

El Alamein city

Take a Day Trip If you’re a history buff, then you’ll want to visit El Alamein. This coastal town, located about 100 kilometers north of Alexandria, was the site of one of the world’s most significant World War II battles. You can pay your respects to the fallen soldiers with a visit to the El Alamein War Museum or the Commonwealth War Graves.

Alexandria is a great city with a modern vibe and a rich past. You may tour the catacombs, stroll along the Corniche, visit the bibliotheca, and enjoy some of the region's greatest seafood. It's a great place to visit in Egypt if you're interested in history, and culture, or just want to relax by the sea. Additionally, it's crammed with mysteries that will make you wonder why poets, scientists, and explorers of antiquity considered Alexandria to be so inspirational. Uncontested justifies a visit there!

The budget for a trip can vary greatly depending on the destination, duration, accommodation choices, activities, and personal preferences. Researching average costs, including accommodation, transportation, meals, and attractions, will help you estimate your budget more accurately.

The essential travel documents usually include a valid passport, visas (if required), airline tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and any necessary identification cards. It's always a good idea to make copies of these documents and store them separately as a backup.

Egypt is famous for its ancient historical sites. Some of the must-visit attractions include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The best time to visit Egypt is during the cooler months of October to April when temperatures are more comfortable for exploring the historical sites. However, if you're interested in diving in the Red Sea, the summer months offer warm waters and excellent visibility.

When visiting religious sites such as mosques or temples, it's important to dress modestly out of respect. Both men and women should have their shoulders and knees covered. It's also advisable for women to carry a scarf to cover their hair if needed.

The best months to enjoy the Middle East tours are generally April and May, or October and November, however this can vary depending on where you're traveling and what you want to do. Temperatures are normally pleasant rather than extremely hot during certain hours, though crowds may be strong at some attractions.

The most prevalent mode of transportation is by bus. In the absence of this, you'll typically find shared taxis or tourist buses running routes to major sights (such as Petra in Jordan). While flying is the shortest way to travel between Middle Eastern destinations.

If you wish to take a big tour of the Middle East, you should plan at least a 10-day itinerary of Middle East Packages to allow ample time in each country. You may also need to allow extra time to go from one location to another due to security and border crossings between countries.

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