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Egypt Vacation Packages

Most tourists describe their Egypt Travel Packages as an overwhelming experience, Egypt is a place where you will come back again to do something different. It is a truly unique place for an unforgettable holiday. Whatever you are looking for in a holiday you will find in Egypt tours. Explore Egypt with Next Holiday Travel as it designs high-end Egypt Vacation Packages that will meet your desire as it is diverse between the sun and sea,

Giza Pyramids

6 Days

6 Days Giza and Luxor Tour

Witness the grandeur of historical Egypt with this 6-day tour to Giza and Luxor. Discover the magnificent Luxor temples, the recognizable Giza pyramids, and the undiscovered riches along the Nile. This voyage offers an exciting adventure into the heart of pharaonic history, complete with professional guides and flawless transfers.


3800$ Per Person

Karnak Temple

12 Day

12 Days Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada

On a 12-day adventure that takes you from the historic monuments of Cairo to the tranquil beaches of Hurghada, discover the wonders of Egypt. Discover the famous pyramids, take a Nile boat, and recline on the banks of the Red Sea on an experience that blends culture, history, and leisure.


9500$ Per Person

Camel Ride Pyramids

7 Days / 6 Nights

7-days Cairo & Sharm El Sheikh Easter tours

With our Easter Package Tour to Egypt, set out on an incredible Easter journey! Discover the illustrious past and breathtaking scenery of Egypt by touring famous locations such as the Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. Also visiting Sharm El Sheikh with its wonderful places. This all-inclusive tour guarantees you and your loved ones a wonderful vacation with its guided excursions, opulent lodging, and cultural activities.


510$ Per Person

Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Vacations


Easter in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh

Explore the ancient wonders of the Great Pyramids, and other unique sites then head for the coast where the magic of the Red Sea awaits.


510$ Per Person

9 days cairo, nile cruise Hurghada

9 Days/8 nights

9 days cairo, nile cruise Hurghada

Visit the top attractions of Egypt Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian museum, and A Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor


1350$ Per Person

Cairo & Alexandria tour package

4-Days/ 3Nights

Cairo & Alexandria tour package

Explore the best sites in Cairo and Alexandria and see the most wonderful sites in Egypt with experts


575$ Per Person

Egypt is home to a variety of renowned cities, which can be explored on an 8 to 14-day tour, including Hurghada and Luxor, as well as the experience of Egypt Nile Cruise tours, Alexandria and Cairo. If a longer-than-two-week vacation is desired, Egypt can be explored in greater depth, or a combination of Egypt tours and a nearby destination, such as Jordan tours, can be arranged.

We at Next Holiday Travel recommend the Multi destinations travel packages that include a visit to the major attractions of different countries such as this package (8 days in Egypt, Aqsha, and Jordan) as these destinations are too close to each other and have various attractions with interesting history,

The cost of a trip to Egypt can vary depending on the length of the journey, the type of tour (luxury or classic), and the number of passengers. Egypt travel packages can begin at a price point of between $700 and $1380.

Egypt includes various cities with famous attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Abu Simbel and Philae Temples in Aswan, and Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple in Luxor. These are the main historical cities in Egypt. You can enjoy the nature and the sea of Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh.

It is recommended to acquire a basic knowledge of the Arabic language and vocabulary. If you choose to travel by car or move alone, you should use Google Maps. Weather conditions should be taken into account. Wearing a Hijab is not mandatory. It is important to note that weekends in Egypt can be very busy.

Egypt is relatively inexpensive compared to other Middle East destinations. The cost of visiting Egypt is about the same as visiting Southeast Asia. For budget travelers, there are many things to do and see in Egypt without breaking the bank.

Egypt is a large country and has a lot of trending destinations to visit, we recommend spending at least one week in Egypt to experience the Nile River sailing with our luxury Egypt Nile Cruise Tours while exploring the temples of Luxor and Aswan. Your 7-day Egypt tours usually start by exploring Cairo attractions and traveling to Luxor and Aswan.

If you're going to book Egypt travel packages, here's what you need to pack: sunblock, skin lotion, sunglasses, a hat to keep out the sun and keep out the loose light, cotton clothes, light sports shoes for walking and cycling, and shoes with closed-toe for mobility. You'll also need a credit card, an edit card, and some cash. To stay connected, you'll need a VPN and a universal travel adapter.


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