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Jordan Tours and Trips

Are you bored of the traditional travel? Next holiday travel provides unforgettable tours of Amman and Philadelphia, allowing you to explore the capital city Philadelphia featuring the Roman Theater and then ascend to the city's top from the stunning Amman hilltop citadel. It is a collection of old structures, not forgetting to mention the Archaeological Museum in Amman, it is situated on the crest of the Amman citadel. Amman downtown. It houses a collection of monuments and artifacts that were gathered from various places

Jordan Trips and Vacations

There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit in Jordan tours than any other country in the world. Witness the fading frescoes in the ancient desert castle of Qusair Amra, climb red sand dunes experience the desert safari life, and stand in the shadow of weathered sandstones in Wadi Rum’s rugged desert landscape. And don’t leave Jordan unless you plan to stay at least two days to explore Jordan’s crown jewel in the Petra day tour from Jordan. The breathtaking sites in the old Nabatean city of Petra will leave you breathless and wanting more, there are more exciting things to do in Jordan to wander with our tour consultant.

Petra is a main destination in Jordan that need to spend at least two days on your Jordan day tours as it holds more than 800 sights, the most highlighted one is the Ancient city of Petra (The Lost City) where discovered 200 years ago. You will never get bored in Jordan tours as there are many surprises that will take your mind. Another amazing hidden gem in Jordan is the Dead Sea, the place where you will never drown due to its saltwater, there are a lot of trips in Jordan not mentioned, but I am sure it will steal your mind.

You can feel free to tailor your Multi Destination Tours with the Next Holiday travel agency.

If you're looking to get around Jordan, flying isn't the way to go. Most people in the tiny country prefer to take a car, bus or guided Jordan travel packages to get from Amman to Aqaba, or from Aqaba to Wadi Rum.

Spending a week or two gives you plenty of time to explore Jordan to its fullest. We suggest spending a few extra days at Petra, Wadi Rum, and Amman in addition to adding time for visits to Mount Nebo in the north and Madaba in the south, as well as Bethany and Jerash.

The overall conclusion is that Jordan is not as inexpensive as well-known neighboring countries such as Morocco and Egypt tours, however, it is by no means prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, I found that the prices always corresponded to the quality of the services provided, whenever you paid extra for food or lodging, it was reflected in the quality.

Jordan is best visited in the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November). The days are hot, with temperatures ranging from 61°F to 99°F, but the nights are cool. It's not too hot to go sightseeing or hiking in nature reserves, where flora and fauna abound.

A budget traveler should expect to spend between $80 and $160 per day on Jordan excursions, including lodging, meals, transportation, and activities. On the other hand, mid-range travelers may expect to spend $100-$150 per day, which allows for more luxury and enjoyment.


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