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Hurghada Day Trips

Have you ever experienced Hurghada Day Tours? If you haven't tried it you are missing a lot. Hurghada is a beach resort town that overlooks the Red Sea and has popular diving spots that will take you on a journey under the sea and will learn about a new world and meet new creatures. What makes Hurghada day trips an important destination for Egypt tours is that's not limited to the sea activities, the nightlife in Hurghada is vibrant.

Snorkeling Tour in Giftun Island

7 Hours

Giftun Island Tour

Giftun Island the best diving locations in the world, which crystal clear waters of the Red Sea in Egypt. It is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that host a spectacular marine life. This tour is a tour focused on the activity of “snorkeling” and begins in the morning at 8 .00AM and ends toward the sunset around 17.00 PM.


85$ Per Person

Luxor hot air balloon tour

9 Hours

Day Tour to Luxor from Hurghada

Visit Luxor for the day to see its most famous sights in one day. Visit Karnak Temple on the East bank and see the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on the West bank before a return to Hurghada that evening.


140$ Per Person

Hurghada desert safari

5 Hours

4×4 Desert Safari

Explore Hurghada Safari Tours into the desert with the Bedouin people. You will transferred to Egypt’s Eastern Desert to a Bedouin village for riding camels, discover their culture while enjoying the view of the sunset.


85$ Per Person

Hurghada has a lot of things to do and enjoy whether with your family, friends, or couples. You can visit Orange Bay or Giftun Island for snorkeling and diving activities and enjoy a safari experience with a Bedouin dinner and a party. On the other hand, tourists who do not like swimming can enjoy the Hurghada Aquarium to see different species of fish.

A three-day stay in Hurghada means you’ll get to see the wonders of the Red Sea and its natural wonders, explore the city’s attractions, and explore the desert. You’ll also have time to explore further afield with trips to Cairo and Luxor day tours.

Travelers looking for the warmest climates can expect to experience the highest temperatures between the months of April and October. However, if you are looking for a less extreme climate but still require a degree of warmth and high levels of sunshine, the winter months may be the best time to visit.

Hurghada is a great place for snorkeling and diving! The waters are crystal clear, so you can explore all kinds of dive sites, including the famous coral reefs in the Red Sea.

Take a guided tour from Hurghada to Luxor that includes some sailing time and a break for lunch. Leave Hurghada, stop by the historical sights of Luxor visit the Karnak Temple on the east bank and the Valley of the Kings on the west bank, and take in the Nile cruise.

If you are searching for tours in Hurghada you can enjoy a 3-hour excursion from Hurghada, enjoy riding a quad bike, and go on an exhilarating journey through the sand dunes.