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Luxor Day Trips

As Thebes, it was the capital of the ancient kingdom; today Luxor day tours are known as the world’s greatest open-air museum, home to some of Egypt’s most famous temples, tombs, and monuments, that attract tourists from around the world such as the gorgeous Valley of the Kings, Valley of queens, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon, and splendid Karnak Temple and more Egypt tours with amazing history. The scientists said that Luxor day trips hold around

Colossi of Memnon in Luxor

4 Hours

Half Day West Bank in Luxor

Explore the most famous sites of Luxor´s west bank, on this tour to Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut Temple and Colossi of Memnon. Step back in time to ancient Egypt, as you explore these elaborate sights.


105$ Per Person

Karnak Temple

4 Hours

Karnak and Luxor Temples Tour

Start your amazing tour to visit Karnak Temple, which is dedicated to the God Amon, Luxor Temple was the power base of the living divine king, it has two red granite obelisks originally stood in front of the Temple, but only one now remains. The other was removed to Paris where it now stands in the center of the Place de la Concorde. At the end of your tour transfer back to your hotel in Luxor.


105$ Per Person

Colossi of Memnon

8 Hours

Luxor Tour to the East and West Bank of the Nile

Start your full day tour visiting the Highlights of Luxor City where you visit valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, also known as El Dir El Bahari and Colossi Of Memnon. Lunch is included and then continue to the East Bank where you Visit Luxor and Karnak Temples.


170$ Per Person

Luxor is situated between the banks of the River Nile on the West and East banks, and offers a variety of activities for visitors, including tours of the city's most iconic temples and tombs such as Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings, shopping in its bazaars, and sailing on the river. Visit our Luxor day tours schedules for more ideas.

Past visitors have reported that visiting the Karnak temple complex is comparable to traveling back in time, as the temples are expansive and provide a glimpse into the lives of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. Leading to the entrance of the temple complex is the avenue of sphinx, which serves as a connection between the temple complex and the Temple of Luxor.

If you're short on time in Luxor, it's totally worth it. But if you can stay longer, I'd suggest two days. Another amazing thing to do is go on Egypt Nile Cruise tours.

The best months to take a trip to Luxor are from March to April and from October to December. Although rates are very high in the winter, if you want to enjoy Luxor's lowest temperatures, you should plan your trip for that time of year.

Although it would be practically impossible to tour the entire city of Luxor in two days, it will be enough to give you a flavor of this amazing city. You should add two days in Luxor to your Egyptian vacation if you are already planning a trip to Cairo or Aswan.


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