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Egypt Nile Cruise Tours

Egypt Nile River Cruise Tours

Egypt Nile Cruise Tours offer a chance to escape the bustle of busy cities and allow yourself the time to unwind and discover new cultures and outstanding civilizations, such as Egypt's. With Egypt Nile River Cruises, you may live comfortably on board thanks to amenities like a sizable pool, a spa, a gym, and free wifi. Egypt Nile Cruises are provided with high-end service and amenities to enjoy inside the cruise and outside with the explorations of Egypt tours and temples. I will take you on a journey inside our luxury cruise and learn about the attractions you can discover in Egypt travel packages with the Nile Cruise.

Best Egypt Nile Cruise Tours

Usually, Egypt Nile River Cruises take place in Luxor and Aswan as they hold the popular and large temples and open museums. Sail in our Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruises and get ready for the following itinerary. You can start your Egypt classic tours sailing from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. If you start your tour from Aswan your first tour may start from the High Dam and Abu Simbel Temple which has a lot of stories to listen to from the professional guides of Next Holiday Travel Agency. Most of the stories and mysteries are about Pharaoh Ramses II and his favorite wife Queen Nefertari. In Aswan day tours you should visit the Temple of Philae and spend a night at least in the Nubian Village to enjoy the colorful buildings and the cheerful parties with the Nubians.

Heading to Luxor the Large Open Air Temple City occupies the most important temples, Tombs, and Mummies for Kings and Queens. Luxor day tours may take two days sailing with Egypt Nile Cruise tours, one day tour on the east bank of Luxor that occupies the Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, the second day on the west bank of the Nile River in Luxor that holds the Valley of the Kings and Queens, Hatshepsut Temple, and the gang Colossi of Memnons for the King Amenhotep III.


The budget for a trip can vary greatly depending on the destination, duration, accommodation choices, activities, and personal preferences. Researching average costs, including accommodation, transportation, meals, and attractions, will help you estimate your budget more accurately.

The essential travel documents usually include a valid passport, visas (if required), airline tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and any necessary identification cards. It's always a good idea to make copies of these documents and store them separately as a backup.

Egypt is famous for its ancient historical sites. Some of the must-visit attractions include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The best time to visit Egypt is during the cooler months of October to April when temperatures are more comfortable for exploring the historical sites. However, if you're interested in diving in the Red Sea, the summer months offer warm waters and excellent visibility.

When visiting religious sites such as mosques or temples, it's important to dress modestly out of respect. Both men and women should have their shoulders and knees covered. It's also advisable for women to carry a scarf to cover their hair if needed.