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How to Enjoy Egypt Tours during Easter?

Easter in Egypt brings historic sites alive with decorations and special events, as well as providing an ideal opportunity to sample Egyptian cuisine.

April offers ideal temperatures to explore ancient ruins without facing crowds of people.

Celebration of Easter IN Egypt

An Easter vacation to Egypt offers an unparalleled and memorable experience, providing visitors with an opportunity to discover its famed attractions, ancient history and the beautiful waters of the Red Sea. There are various ways you can celebrate this holiday, such as participating in local festivities and visiting ancient relics such as Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor or El Alamein - making sure it remains memorable throughout.

Egypt boasts some of the world's most incredible ancient relics, and visiting during Easter can provide an incredible experience. From Giza's iconic pyramids to Sinai's vast deserts - Egypt offers something special for every visitor in Egypt Easter Tours

As well as visiting ancient Egyptian sites during Easter, there are other activities you can participate in like taking a hot air balloon ride over Luxor - sure to provide an unforgettable experience! This ride provides great views from above of this historic city while offering unique perspective from above.

Weather in Egypt

Egypt typically experiences pleasant, warm and sunny conditions throughout most of the year, making this an excellent time for visiting iconic Cairo attractions and exploring its vibrant culture. Coptic Easter services held at some of Cairo's historic churches offer another great way to immerse yourself in Egyptian religious history.

February is still very pleasant with only a slight decrease in temperature, making this an excellent time to explore the Sinai High Mountains and Western Desert oases on foot or by camelback. Abu Simbel also hosts its amazing Sun Festival to commemorate Ramses II's ascension to power.

Temperatures begin to heat up in March, yet crowds remain more manageable. Now is an excellent time to visit Siwa Oasis in Sahara Desert; its unique and peaceful oasis will offer an enjoyable getaway experience with family or friends.

Enjoy Exploring Cairo In Easter

As part of this 8 day Egypt Easter Tour Package, you will discover ancient Egypt's most captivating locations: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum are only some of these, while you will also visit Valley of the Kings Philae Karnak Abu Simbel temples are included along with all required entry fees for these iconic sights. This package also provides all required entry fees.

Beginning your unforgettable tour at Cairo International Airport, an employee from "Egypt Tours Portal" will meet and greet you with passport control procedures before transporting you directly to your hotel for checking-in. After dinner on the Nile, enjoy an enchanting dinner cruise featuring colorful belly dancing shows as well as folklore bands featuring Tannoura spins reminiscent of Egyptian dervishes tradition before returning back to your hotel for the night.

Visit Luxor and Aswan's ancient Egyptian ruins, such as their incredible monuments and treasures, before enjoying an idyllic Nile River cruise between these magical destinations to appreciate their true greatness.

Explore Luxor Temple In Easter Tour

As part of an Egypt Easter Tour, you'll witness the majestic Giza pyramids, explore the Egyptian Museum's treasures, and take in Luxor's beautiful sights. Additionally, with one of Cairo and Luxor Tour Packages you may also experience a cruise down the Nile, see an inner pyramid, gain entry to tombs of ancient pharaohs, as well as cruise down a Nile river cruise!

Begin your day in Aswan by visiting The Great Dam of Egypt (also known as The High Dam), constructed under President Nasser in 1961 to help protect Egypt from annual Nile floods. After, visit Philae Temple on Isis Island and The Unfinished Obelisk for some further sightseeing opportunities.

As soon as your excursion is completed, you will be taken to Luxor's West Bank to explore its exquisite painted tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut's Temple (who convinced her people she was male for nearly two decades of rule), as well as visiting Grand Karnak Temple which was constructed by various pharaohs over several dynasties and is dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu representing Theban Triad.

Easter in Aswan Undertake an Easter tour package in Egypt!

Continue celebrating Easter in Aswan Take an Easter tour in Egypt! From Cairo and Luxor, take a Nile River cruise to Aswan for an amazing Nile cruise where you will see the Temple of Philae on the island of Isis as well as visit the Great Dam of Egypt which was built during the reign of President Abdel Nasser to generate electricity. Hydroelectric power for flood control purposes. In addition to seeing the unfinished obelisk built from 1,200 tons of red granite in one block by ancient Egyptian craftsmen!
After lunch, head to Saqqara where you will find the Great Sphinx; One of the oldest sculptures in Egypt with features of a human head and a lion's body. Also visit the Tuna El Gabal Cemetery where the tombs of Tuna El Gabal can be seen; In the city of Memphis (formerly the city of Memphis) visit the large statues of Ramesses

Hurghada Easter Tour

On this Easter tour of Egypt, you'll get a comprehensive experience. Your visits include Cairo with its Giza pyramids and Khan El Khalili market as well as its Egyptian Museum. Additionally, take a Nile cruise and discover Luxor's tombs and temples before relaxing on Hurghada beaches!

Egyptian Easter celebrations revolve around food. There are numerous restaurants and cafes where you can try some of Egypt's famous dishes; falafel is particularly beloved, made from fried chickpeas served with various vegetables and sauces - often eaten alongside pita bread and hummus!

Are you ready to discover Egypt? Our 10 Days Egypt Easter Vacation with Hurghada will help your soul soar! From ancient to modern treasures, Cairo, Aswan and Hurghada all await.

The budget for a trip can vary greatly depending on the destination, duration, accommodation choices, activities, and personal preferences. Researching average costs, including accommodation, transportation, meals, and attractions, will help you estimate your budget more accurately.

The essential travel documents usually include a valid passport, visas (if required), airline tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and any necessary identification cards. It's always a good idea to make copies of these documents and store them separately as a backup.

Egypt is famous for its ancient historical sites. Some of the must-visit attractions include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The best time to visit Egypt is during the cooler months of October to April when temperatures are more comfortable for exploring the historical sites. However, if you're interested in diving in the Red Sea, the summer months offer warm waters and excellent visibility.

When visiting religious sites such as mosques or temples, it's important to dress modestly out of respect. Both men and women should have their shoulders and knees covered. It's also advisable for women to carry a scarf to cover their hair if needed.

The best months to enjoy the Middle East tours are generally April and May, or October and November, however this can vary depending on where you're traveling and what you want to do. Temperatures are normally pleasant rather than extremely hot during certain hours, though crowds may be strong at some attractions.

The most prevalent mode of transportation is by bus. In the absence of this, you'll typically find shared taxis or tourist buses running routes to major sights (such as Petra in Jordan). While flying is the shortest way to travel between Middle Eastern destinations.

If you wish to take a big tour of the Middle East, you should plan at least a 10-day itinerary of Middle East Packages to allow ample time in each country. You may also need to allow extra time to go from one location to another due to security and border crossings between countries.

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